Warm, lively. Simultaneously luxurious and approachable. These are the hallmarks of a Gita Stiritz interior. Her international roots provide a foundation for bold choices in color, texture and pattern.  Her artistic expression of blending old with new, classic with contemporary, simple with complex, produces an unexpected and unique living space. Unsurpassed quality and an extraordinary attention to detail show through in every project. The result – curated, personal, polished.

Clients of Gita Stiritz Interiors benefit from Gita’s formative work in the business world, working with some of the world’s most respected brands and consulting firms – where creative problem solving and exceptional client service were simply business as usual. Similar to her work as a brand leader at Starbucks and Coca-Cola, Gita approaches design projects by first deeply understanding the client’s needs and desires. The end product is a space where emotional connection and functional benefits seamlessly co-exist.

While not designing layered, elegant interiors for clients, Gita can be found running on the trails of Mt. Tam, brainstorming new product ideas with her husband, building Lego with her two children or playing classical piano.

Gita Stiritz Interiors works with clients at various levels and stages of the interior design process, from a simple paint consultation, to a single room redesign, to a comprehensive makeover of the client’s home interiors.
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